• Fri. Feb 3rd, 2023

What happens if you restart the phone

Is your mobile phone lagging or running a bit slower than usual?

To answer this question, most people suggest you restart your mobile first. And indeed, after restarting, the mobile phone or any computing device starts performing a little better. When you continue your mobile phone. Several processes take place internally, which help to enhance the performance of your mobile phone.

RAM Memory Cleaning

Even if you close the applications you use a lot after use, the data of those applications (Data) is not entirely remove from the RAM. Almost all operating systems today use their intelligence to store the data of your daily applications in RAM. As a result, when you launch that particular application, it is presented to you in a relatively short time. In this way, data is stored in the RAM, and when the memory space in your RAM decreases, it seems as if your mobile has become slow when you open a new application.

If you want to free this filled RAM space, then you have to restart your mobile, or manually you have to stop each application. After restarting, since several files in RAM are delete, new applications open a little faster, and relatively it seems as if the mobile has become a little quicker.

System Check

When the system reboots after your mobile restarts, your operating system runs various error check processes and tries to fix specific errors.

How often should you restart your mobile?

There is no fixed policy on how often you should restart your mobile. This matter depends on your mobile and you. If you feel that your mobile is lagging, running slow, or having a heating issue, you can reboot its system anytime. Even if it is not possible every day, you can restart your mobile at least once a week so that your system will work well. And will be able to solve various system errors.